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Suction Vacuum Pumps
The Suction Vacuum Pumps are utilized for producing electric lamps & vacuum tubes and for processing semiconductors. Working by atmospheric pressure, the pumps create a partial vacuum when the piston is raised. In these pumps, atmospheric pressure forces water outside into the cylinder. The Suction Vacuum Pumps are equipped with reliable and quality certified components. Also, they are suitable for drying, sterilizing and evaporation applications.
Instavac Suction Machine
Instavac Suction Machine is useful for removing bodily fluids from patients’ body. The machine finds its application for medical, surgery and dental operations. The machine comes with mobile suction units, portability, aspirator and high vacuum features. Based on automatic operations, Instavac Suction Machine is made up of high-grade components.
Suction Machine
The Suction Machine ensures hassle-free functioning of removing saliva, blood, vomit and mucus from patients’ airway. The reason for using this Suction Machine is to facilitate breathing and to prevent pulmonary aspiration. Jars fitted in this machine are made up of polycarbonate material.
Suction Unit
The prime reason for using this Suction Unit is to restrict the growth of microorganisms and to facilitate breathing. It indicates visual/audible signs of secretions in the tube, respiratory distress, vomiting and desaturation on pulse oximetry. Suction Unit is utilized for removing fluids from the airways.
Suction Apparatus
The Suction Apparatus is considered an essential equipment in neurological diseases. The apparatus is a good device for clearing the vomit, saliva, blood and other secretions from airways. Suction Apparatus is helpful in preventing microorganisms growth.
Surgical Suction Equipment
The Surgical Suction Equipment consumes 180W power to operate automatically for emergency use. The machine is used for removing blood in order to allow a clear view to the surgeons on the area being operated. Surgical Suction Equipment ensures quick and effective suction for post-tracheostomy and minor surgery.
Suction Device
Installation of this Suction Device is necessary as it prevents pulmonary aspiration that can cause lung infections. Jars of this device are made up of polycarbonate material with the 2000 ml capacity. The Suction Device maintains airways by removing the throat, lungs and mouth secretions.
Vacuum Extractor
The Vacuum Extractor is used during vaginal childbirth course to guide the baby out of the birth canal. The extractor utilizes a soft cup for attaching baby’s head with suction. Available cups of this extractor are made up of silicone & stainless materials. And, tubes of this Vacuum Extractor are well-fabricated with silicone material only.
Portable Suction Machine
Portable Suction Machine is fitted with maintenance free and oil-less piston pump. It is extensively used in hospitals, nursing homes, health care centers and clinics for removing debris from a wound site. The machine is suitable for outside as well as emergency use because of lightweight and compact size. The Portable Suction Machine comes with an adjustable regulator in order to remove fluid from the airway conveniently.
Silicone Vacuum Suction Cup
Silicone Vacuum Suction Cup features a soft rim which combats the trauma to fetal head risk. It is specially designed for birth assisting in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. The cup is fabricated using 100% silicone material to track baby outside from the womb of mothers’. Silicone Vacuum Suction Cup also minimizes cephalohematoma & forceps delivery risk.
Liposuction Machine
The Liposuction Machine facilitates for eliminating fatty tissues which are can’t be burned with exercise and diet. Featuring castor wheels for easy portability, jars of this machine are made up of polycarbonate material. During surgical liposuction procedures, it produces strong sound waves to vibrate fat cells. The Liposuction Machine works through hapatoenteral circulation to exhaust free fatty acids and integrated glycerol.
AC DC Suction Machine
AC DC Suction Machine is used for removing mucus, blood, vomit and saliva from the patient’s airway. It features rubber shoes for absorbing shocks while performing emergency paramedic situations in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Additionally, the AC DC Suction Machine aids breathing and prevents pulmonary aspiration. It comes with aspirator tubing kits, bacteria filters, mobile suction units and collection canisters.
Foot Operated Suction Unit
The container comes with this Foot Operated Suction Unit is made up of polycarbonate material in 1000 ml fluid capacity. This is a foot-operated suction pump for tracheal/pharyngeal aspiration during emergency conditions. Suitable for clinic, hospital and personal use, the product is available with aspirator and handheld suction units. The lightweight and small size of this Foot Operated Suction Unit ensures easy portability.
Minic Portable Suction Unit
Minic Portable Suction Unit utilizes a mechanical aspiration device for eliminating excess secretions. The product comes with a built-in bottle & negative pressure dial that facilitates in absorbing thick liquids like phlegm. The Minic Portable Suction Unit is an ideal choice for medical, clinical and surgical procedures. Plus, it produces low noise while performing suctioning operations.
Powervac Suction Machine
The team makes jar of this Powervac Suction Machine using polycarbonate material in 2000 ml capacity. Airflow rate supplies by this machine are 60 LPM. It is a device for removing substances like mucus, saliva, etc., from the person’s airway. The Powervac Suction Machine comes with an aspirator for supplying a continuous vacuum source in the stated range of operating vacuum.
Smart Lipovac Suction Machine
The Smart Lipovac Suction Machine consists of durable & reliable polycarbonate jars, rotary pump castor wheels and other materials. It is helpful in removing substances from person airway. Also, the machine constantly defines safety limit up to the fixed limit through indicators. It has non-collapsible silicone tubing. The cabinet of this Smart Lipovac Suction Machine is made from anti-corrosive stainless steel.

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